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Welcome Realtors!

AC Boost is designed with both buyers and sellers in mind. We know many residents of Alameda County care deeply about their community. Selling a home to an AC Boost buyer is a fantastic way to support their community. We recognize that sellers in this market have a lot of options, so we have prepared an AC Boost Flyer for Sellers so sellers understand the benefits and lasting impact of AC Boost.

AC Boost Flyer for Sellers 

AC Boost Program Manual

AC Boost Property Checklist

General Release and Waiver of Liability

We offer monthly Realtor trainings. We encourage you to to come learn more about AC Boost and how it can help your clients find success buying (or selling!) a home in Alameda County. Please RSVP for the next available Realtor training. If there are no upcoming trainings available, sign up for our Stay Connected newsletter to be informed when the next training is scheduled.

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