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Ready to buy your home?
You were approved by AC Boost and got into contract. Great! Now what?

Once you've had your offer accepted, the clock is ticking for a team of people to get a lot done in a short period of time. You will need to log in immediately to the AC Boost web portal to upload your accepted purchase offer, specify your lender, enter your accepted offer date and target closing date and receive detailed instructions on next steps and key deadlines.

The loan closing process

Step 1: Once you are in contract for a home, you and your lender will be required to submit documents to Hello Housing in order for us to determine your final eligibility for an AC Boost loan.


Step 2: Your lender will upload documents related to your first mortgage loan (outlined in this First Mortgage Checklist) on the AC Boost Web Portal.


Step 3: You will obtain and upload documents from your Realtor related to the home you’ll be purchasing  (the Property Checklist) on the AC Boost Web Portal.


Step 4: If you meet all program requirements, Alameda County will issue a Final Approval Letter for your AC Boost loan.


Step 5: You’ll have a meeting with Hello Housing staff to go over the AC Boost loan terms and the documents you’ll be signing. You’ll have a chance to ask any remaining questions you may have.


Step 6: Alameda County will transmit your loan funds to escrow.


Step 7: You’ll close escrow and get the keys to your new home!

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