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Welcome Lenders!

AC Boost relies on a pool of "Participating Lenders" who are ready to provide the first loan for Buyers, with an AC Boost shared appreciation loan in second position. Each Participating Loan Officer working with applicants is required to attend one of our Lender Trainings, even if another Loan Officer within the same Lending Institution is approved as a Participating Lender. Participating Loan Officers must have a valid NMLS ID and be in good standing. Loan Officers must abide by the guidelines in the AC Boost Program Manual, and perform business in a professional and ethical manner at all times, and sign a Lender Acknowledgement of Program Terms.
Buyers invited to submit a full application for an AC Boost loan must be pre-approved for a first mortgage through a Participating Lender. AC Boost is designed to integrate with standard loan processing and underwriting procedures and timelines that are in place at most mortgage lending institutions.

We encourage you to to come learn more about AC Boost and how it can help your clients find success buying a home in Alameda County. Please RSVP to the next available Lender Training. If there are no upcoming trainings available, sign up for our Stay Connected newsletter to be informed when the next training is scheduled.

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