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Welcome to AC Boost!

AC Boost is an innovative program designed to help middle-income households afford to buy a home in Alameda County. 

AC Boost gives buyers a boost, providing loans that are intended to bring homeownership within reach of households who would otherwise not be able to afford to purchase a home in Alameda County. AC Boost provides loans of up to $210,000 (depending on buyer income and need). Loans are interest free and have no monthly payment during the time that a household owns their home. Instead, the program requires repayment only when (1) the 30 year term has ended, (2) the home is sold prior to the 30 year term ending, (3) the owner would like to take cash out of the home in a refinance or (4) the owner no longer wishes to occupy the home. At that point, the owner repays the amount that they borrowed plus a proportional share of the increase in the value of their home. 

Check out the eligibility requirements to learn whether AC Boost is right for you.


AC Boost 10-Step Process

10 Step Process.png
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