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A dinner party at home

Enjoy your home!

Our hope is that each AC Boost participant is pleased with their new home and that becoming a homeowner has enriched their lives. Hello Housing will be in touch with you along your homeownership journey and is here to help, should you have any questions about AC Boost, refinancing or other aspects of the program. 

Program Integrity

AC Boost was created to provide working households an opportunity to purchase a home to live in, who otherwise are not able to purchase in Alameda County. In order to uphold the integrity of the program and ensure that households that receive program funds are using taxpayer dollars as intended, AC Boost participants will be required to provide documentation that they are occupying the property and maintaining the proper insurance annually. Hello Housing will be reaching out each year with instructions on how to provide this documentation. We thank you in advance for your timely response to our requests and helping us to maintain a successful program. 

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